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Three candidates that stand firm in preserving the legacy of Heber Valley

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Jami Hewlett

“As a  7th generation Heber resident I have profound love and respect for Heber City’s past, present, and future. I am a hard worker and I am ready to work hard for you! I listen, I care, I act. I am results driven with a can-do attitude. I have owned several successful small businesses and have an extensive background in tourism and development with no conflict of interest. 

I believe in efficient, responsible growth with a focus on clean air and water, keeping a small town feel, traffic and PROTECTING OUR QUALITY OF LIFE. I also strongly believe in respectful dialog while standing for my principles and genuinely giving the people a voice. I understand the importance of collaboration in all areas, especially with county officials, to achieve meaningful change.”


Nick López

“The greatest challenge FOR City Council MEMBERS is TO RESPECTFULLY LISTEN to our resident’s concerns. It is our resident’s visions of Heber City that should take center stage. Together, we must find common ground and find solutions for the good of the city. I will bring to the council chambers, solid leadership and unquestionable integrity,  accomplishing  the mission with respectful civil dialogue among residents, business owners, outside government agencies and city department heads. As I make timely decisions based on accurate information, professional insight, public comments and unbiased conviction, I will always remember who I am held accountable to and represent.”

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Christen Thompson

“Growing up in Heber gave me a passion for the outdoors and the lifestyle that Heber City provides. Protecting access to nature, the mountains and trails while protecting our valley from being paved over are what I will work towards as a council member. I have a  background in software engineering, with experience working across teams and getting things done. I strongly believe that respect, kindness, and curiosity are key to creating a better Heber City."

I want to hear from you, on what changes you would like to see in Heber City.  Email, call or text me:
Phone: (435) 709-5509

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here for


Clean Air
Clean Water
Protecting our
small-town feel

"We don’t move to Heber to be in the city,

we move to Heber to get away from the city."

- Heber City Resident


Mayor Heidi Franco
Friends of Heber Valley
Christen Thompson
Nick López

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